Welcome to Neon Shed, where we bring light the dark sides of work

Psychosocial health and safety at work is hard to understand and manage, and while the regulation has recently change, many employers and leaders are unsure of their new responsibilities.

We're here to make it easier and help you navigate the requirements and meet your legal obligations, while doing more than just tick the compliance boxes and enhancing benefits for your workers and the workplace.

We bring light to the dark sides of work on the Under the Rug at Work podcast, through leadership coaching, training and development, executive workshops and our annual summits.

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Hi, I’m Nicole

I’m the Founder and Chief Courage Officer at Neon Shed. I make tough communications easy and bring light to the dark sides of work.

I eliminate psychosocial hazards at work and ignite courage in leaders and teams by giving them the tools and options to know HOW to have a safe workplace.

I have over 20 years experience in communications with 15 years in the work health and safety industry. I’ve worked for both NSW safety regulators, the workers compensation insurer and the workers compensation independent review office.

I’m the Winner of the 2023 Influential Businesswomen Awards for Most Empowering Founder (Australia), the host of the Under the Rug at Work podcast and the host of the Dark Sides of Work Summit, World First Lived Experience Summit and Psychosocial Safety Summit in Brisbane this year (see more below)!

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