Join us in Brisbane!

Neon Shed presents the 3rd Annual Summit held during Safe Work and Mental Health Month. This year we are meeting in person at the beautiful Victoria Park!

The focus is on Psychosocial Health and Safety.

Australian and International experts will share their knowledge, research and provide practical solutions and tools to help navigate psychosocial safety.

We’re hosting the Summit in Brisbane on 16-17 October, to align with the incredible Women in Safety Awards on the night of 17 October! Talk about getting your safety fix!


Psychological impact of physical injuries

Retired Paralympian and Founder of Perception Performance, Cameron Carr will discuss the psychological impact of physical injuries.

Navigating Domestic Violence at Work

Stefanie Costi, lawyer and workplace bullying advocate, will help workplaces understand their obligations and share how to support staff who may be experiencing family and domestic violence.

Alcohol-Freedom – Shifting Paradigms

Sarah Connelly, coach and speaker, will offer new perspectives on one of the most ‘swept under the rug’ root causes of many psychosocial challenges.

Courageous Conversations

Blyde Neser, Founder and Chief Engagement Officer at Professional Coaching Solutions will share how to build psychosocial safety in teams and influence self awareness, accountability and ownership.

Workplace healing and trauma

Sean Lappin, Managing Director of Connected Self will share how to create compassionate and accountable systems to improve productivity, retention and healing.

What we don't repair, we repeat

Kerrie Sellen is the Director and Trainer at Restorative Journeys and Practice Institute Australia.

Kerrie will share how to repair the harm of psychosocial hazards so they don't continue.

Women in Safety

Founder of Women in Safety and the Safety Team, Alanna will talk about the importance of women in safety and what can be done to increase representation and participation.

Creating Constructive Cultures

Fiona Hogarth will share how Human Synergistics can measure and change the thinking and behavioural styles of your organisation to create constructive cultures and leaders.

Putting the brakes on burnout

Dr Helen Lawson Williams, co-founder of Tank - the app that fights burnout, will discuss how burnout is a symptom and how to support staff and yourself.

Social pathways to recovery for psychosocial injury

Dr Caroline Howe, Founder of My Social Support Network, will share a case study of serious psychological injury in Rural and Regional communities.

Where does psych safety sit?

Dr Elizabeth Crawford Spencer, author of Happy at Work: A Practical Guide for Overcoming Workplace Psychological Harassment, will co-present with Donna to discuss the question: Where does psychosocial safety sit?

A $16M case study

Dr Donna Stemmer is the Founder of WorkRight23 and will show how to measure and manage psychosocial safety, leading to huge benefits. She will also co-present with Liz to discuss: Where does psychosocial safety sit?

She's the cat's mother

Nicole Turnbull, Founder and Chief Courage Officer at Neon Shed, will help understand and navigate the challenge of generational differences in the workplace.

Trauma informed intersectional risk management

Kanae Dyas is the Workplace Support Unit Manager at Anglo American and will share the best-practice approach to intersectionality and trauma informed practice for marginalised workforce at risk.

Coming soon

Our final speakers will be announced soon...

Watch this space!


Join us at the Psychosocial Safety Summit!

Founder and Chief Courage Officer, Nicole Turnbull invites you to join us
at the Psychosocial Safety Summit on 16-17 October 2024 in Victoria Park, Brisbane.

Why join us?

This Summit is designed for HR and WHS professionals to help navigate the complexity of psychosocial health and safety at work.

This is for you if you want to:

  • meet your legal obligations
  • find the underlying causes of psychosocial hazards
  • understand where psychosocial safety sits in the organisation
  • learn practical strategies to improve trust and engagement with your team
  • encourage staff to proactively manage conflict
  • reduce complaints, claims and the risk of litigation and reputation damage
  • know how to repair the harm so the cycle doesn't repeat.

You'll know how to encourage improved behaviours for leaders and staff to reduce the risk, improve the culture and support mental health and wellbeing.

If you need approval from your manager - download the letter template here.

We're doing things differently

Events like this bring together dedicated professionals across industries who make great connections.

This Summit will be no exception and the speakers are absolute game changers.

There's never enough time to meet your fellow colleagues and really get to know the speakers and supporters at events like this.

That's why we're doing things differently...

Join us in the Summit and you'll get exclusive access to behind the scenes content as we lead into October.

You'll get to meet the Speakers and Supporters and even get the opportunity to ask questions prior to the event!

Do you find networking uncomfortable? Do you stand awkwardly in a corner by yourself, just chat to your team mates or try to cram in as much card swapping as you can?

Instead of doing this, you'll have the opportunity to introduce yourself and see who else is coming before you get there, to have an improved networking experience!



We can't wait to see you there.

Take advantage of group discounts by investing in a table of 8!

Your host

The Psychosocial Safety Summit is hosted by Nicole Turnbull, Founder and Chief Courage Officer at Neon Shed.

I have over 20 years in communications and 15 years in the work health and safety industry, working for both NSW safety regulators, the Workers Compensation insurer and the Workers Compensation Independent Review Office. 

I'm the host of the podcast Under the Rug at Work, the Dark Sides of Work Summit and the World First Lived Experience Summit for bullying and sexual harassment.

I started Neon Shed to bring light to the dark sides of work. I'm on a mission to eliminate psychosocial hazards and ignite courage in leaders and teams by giving them the tools and options to know how to have a safe workplace.

Our Annual Summits help create safe, courageous and thriving workplaces. They connect directly with HR and WHS leaders who are dedicated to improving psychosocial safety in their organisation.

I can't wait to meet you!


Do you want to support the Summit?

If your organisation is dedicated to improving psychosocial health and safety, we'd love to partner with you in this incredible event! Contact [email protected] to find out how you can sponsor and support the Summit.

Check out some of the incredible partners below!


Rest, play, and working towards goals that are important to you: these are the things that refill your tank. TANK helps you stay focused on what counts.

Burnout is complex.

Don't know where to start? Start with the system. Find out more about the Tank app here.

Professional Coaching Solutions

Maximising team performance through a proactive, holistic, integrated approach, we help professionals and organisations thrive so they can have a greater social impact. Find out more.

Practice Institute Australia

From knowledge to practical wisdom.

Learn how to turn the leading edge research that our trainings provide into practice wisdom that you can apply daily within your community.

Find out more here.

Women in Safety

Women in Safety is a thriving community dedicated to empowering and connecting professional women in the health and safety field.

Find out more here.

Sarah Connelly

Wake up with no regrets and rediscover the extraordinary person you are without alcohol. Sarah has guided hundreds of individuals in re-evaluating their relationship with alcohol, fostering profound and enduring transformations in both their personal and professional lives.

Summit Supporters

Thank you to our Summit Supporters:

Jess Price Founder of Paradigm Makers - creating a way of work designed for the world we live in.

Kate Simpson Founder of EmploySafe Legal - your trusted partner in safety and employment law.

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Celebrating excellence!

The main reason we are hosting the Psychosocial Safety Summit in Brisbane on 16-17 October is to align with the Women in Safety Awards!

The Awards will be held on Thursday 17th October from 6pm, at Cloudland in Brisbane to celebrate the remarkable achievements of women in health and safety.

This special event is dedicated to recognising and honouring the exceptional contributions of women who are making workplaces safer and communities more secure.

At this event, you will have the unique opportunity to hear from leading female professionals who have broken barriers and set new standards in safety practices. Their stories of innovation, leadership, and courage will not only inspire but also offer valuable insights into the evolving dynamics of health and safety in various industries.

Nominations for the Awards are now open and tickets go on sale on 14 August. Nominate an inspiring Woman in Safety today!

Terms and conditions

Just because we have to have them…

Cancellations and refunds

Delegates who find themselves unable to attend the Summit can nominate a substitute. Registration transfers made on or before Friday 6 September 2024 will not incur any cost penalty. Registration transfers made after Friday 6 September 2024 will incur an $80 processing fee. All cancellations and requests for registration refunds must be made in writing to [email protected].

All sales are final. No refunds will be issued.


The Summit program and registration information is correct at the time of production, however, organisers reserve the right to change information or vary activities where necessary. Neon Shed reserves the right to alter the date and/or cancel the 2024 Psychosocial Safety Summit due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. Neon Shed do not accept responsibility for any act or omission on the part of the speakers, partners or providers. No liability is accepted for any inaccuracy, delay, damage, death or personal injury.