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Summit highlights

Check out the highlights from the Summit below!


Bullying and Harassment

Becoming an Upstander

Jessica Hickman | Bullyology

Founder and Bullyologist, Jessica talks about the Bystander effect, how witnesses can become Upstanders and how to create a culture of speaking up at work

When Sh!t hits the fan

Phil O'Brien | AWPTI

Workplace Investigator, Lawyer and former member of the NSW Police, Phil talks about what happens when bullying gets bad and leads to an investigation

How to block a bully

Evelyn Field | Bully Blocking

Psychologist, author and speaker, Evelyn talks about how to block bullying at work and school, why it happens, and survival strategies for victims, targets and witnesses


DEI - More than a tick box


Managing Director at EVERYDAY INCLUSION, Founder of VoiceEverydayRacism and author, Gloria talks about discrimination and racism in Australian workplaces, how to prevent and manage it and the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace

Challenging perspectives

Aunty Munya and Carla | Evolve Communities

Aunty Munya is an Indigenous Elder, barrister and author. Carla is the Founder of Evolve Communities, program designer and facilitator. Aunty Munya and Carla talk about challenging perspectives and becoming an Ally at work

Are we really over the hill?

Mary Egan | Women of a Certain Age

Founder of Women of a Certain Age, podcast and radio show host, Mary talks about age discrimination, the impact on individuals and workplaces and the benefits of experience at work

Mental Health

Preventing mental harm

Jason van Schie | FlourishDx

Psychologist, podcast host and co-founder of FlourishDX, Jason talks about how to prevent harm and promote employee wellbeing at work

Small business, big issue

Tim Hoopmann | Beyond Blue Advocate

Speaker, mentor, coach and small business owner, Tim talks about reducing the stigma around anxiety and depression and improving mental health in small business

Let's be Frank

Frank Winterstein | Freequency with Frankie

Retreat facilitator, father, husband, proud Samoan and retired Rugby League and Rugby Union athlete, Frank talks about men's mental health, and the power and importance of connection and breath work

Office Politics

When colleagues clash

Saranne Segal | Segal Conflict Solutions

Workplace legal expert, workplace bullying authority and conflict resolution advocate, Saranne talks about the conflict office politics causes and how to best manage it to reduce the risk of harm

Mandate madness

Michelle Crawford | Being More Human

Founder, Chief Conversationalist, author, entrepreneur and speaker, Michelle talks about the impact mandates have had on staff, relationships and workplace cultures

Politics at the top

Bridget Barrett | Bridget Barrett Coaching

A senior executive of over 20 years, one of the 50 most influential women in the NSW Public Sector in 2018 and now Executive Coach, Bridget talks about how to navigate politics at the top

Poor Leadership

Leadership red flags

AJ | Executive Coach

Bush Philosopher, Chief Empowerment Officer and Custodian of the Valley of Joy, AJ talks about leadership red flags, how the fish rots from the head and developing conscious leaders for the new world of work

Stuck in the middle of

Renee Burkinshaw | Originate Coaching and Consulting

Founder and Director, Renee talks about the challenges for middle management, needing to manage up, across and lead a team

Can a bully change their spots?

Michael Plowright | Working Well Together

Abrasive Leaders Specialist Coach and Director, Michael talks about what an abrasive leader is, how to recognise if you are one, and what to do if you have an abrasive leader in your team to make sure it doesn't escalate

Profit First

Purpose driven people

Natalie Welch | Work Team

Learning and organisational development guru, social purpose advocate, coach, leadership trainer, and people and culture all-rounder, Natalie talks about the revolution of purpose at work

The key is connection

Kim Tunbridge | The NRMA

Internal Communications Manager at The NRMA and Founder of Frequency Media, Kim talks about what happens when organisations don't prioritise people and how to create real human connection

Putting the E in ESD

Peter Dixon | Peter Dixon Consulting

Bush regeneration consultant and President of the Australian Association of Bush Regenerators, Peter talks about what happens when profit is put before the planet and the benefit of prioritising the earth

Systems and Structures

Punishment doesn't work

Kerrie Sellen | Restorative Journeys

Director, trainer and speaker, Kerrie talks about why blame, punishment, rules and control don't work to change behaviour and why restorative systems lead the way

Is the system rigged?

Nicole Turnbull | Neon Shed

Here I talk about the systems, structures and legislation in place to support and protect victims of sexual harassment at work and ask the question - is it doing what it's supposed to?

Help or harm?

Kevin Sawers | Walker Law Group

Senior Associate and lawyer with 22 years experience in managing workers compensation claims, Kevin talks about the system and how it helps or hinders injured workers

Change Makers

Sexual harassment in law

John McKenzie | OLSC

Office of the Legal Services Commissioner, John McKenzie talks about the trends of bullying and sexual harassment in the legal profession and the new anonymous complaint system

The social movement

Dr Caroline Howe | Create Today

Founder of Create Today, CEO of My Social Support Network and Associate Professor, Caroline talks about solutions that help build healthy, productivity and supportive communities for you and your workplace

Holistic support

Tina Winchester | Mentally Well Workplaces

Mental Health Director and Co-Founder of the Career Development Centre, Mentally Well Workplaces and Mentally Well Schools, Tina talks about how to drive change and end the stigma of mental health in workplaces and communities


It's in your gut

Lisa Turnbull | Meraki Wellness

Naturopath, Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Energetic Healer, Lisa talks about the importance of gut health for our mental health and how therapy can help unpack trauma to heal and begin your recovery journey

The freedom technique

Christine Martin | Rippleffective

Counsellor and Advanced EFT practitioner, Christine talks about the power of the Emotional Freedom Technique to reduce anxiety, post traumatic stress and burnout by reprogramming our brains and putting our bodies back into relaxation

Reclaim your health

Kristy Smith | Kin Health

Nutritionist, Sports Nutrition Advisor and Double Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Kristy talks about how to heal through the integration of Nutrition and Lifestyle practices designed to enhance the bodies innate capacity to regenerate and restore

Self Care

WOW Self Care

Kathie Melocco | WOW Chaplaincy

Life Coach, Spiritual Chaplain, workplace injury advocate and CEO, Kathie talks about the importance of self care and the impact trauma has on people

Fittin' it in

Ange & Marty | The A Life

Strength and Conditioning instructors and movement guides, Ange and Marty talk about the benefits of a mindful movement lifestyle

From the HEART

Jade Alexander | Jewish Care

Trauma and wellbeing specialist, Jade talks about the importance of self care when it comes to vicarious trauma and the new HEART program

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